Most enterprisers have a wrong perception about fulfilling the compliances generated by the government. They tend to perceive it as a security measure whereas in reality it is not the secure measurement but merely the fulfillment of compliance. For enterprises it is an important measure for their track record to keep a secured database for their customers.

Here, the focus is especially upon those with electronic card holders used for transaction purposes. Every card holder has their own social security number and the transactions made by the card which means that this kind of confidential data is not meant to be made available to the public. Since this is a major security issue, it cannot be neglected by individually catering to the needs of customer’s track record. Some companies apply the method of individually fabricating security systems for such purposes but the best approach is to do it all together.

Oracle PCI Compliance check tool allows such businesses and organizations to carry out the necessary compliance tasks. The idea is to have an electronic system work in unison with automation of the system. This means that the compliance and security, both are done simultaneously. For such purpose oracle PCI compliance check tool enables the card information receivers to protect the data and to use it for future transaction references. Same is done when there is a need to investigate for cases like theft.

Why is it necessary to have a single source perform the task is because it restores the efficiency. On the other hand it cuts out the extra cost that some businesses consider an extra expenditure to facilitate the governmental PCI compliance. All in all oracle PCI compliance check tool has been a longed solution for PCI compliance.

As said earlier, this kind of integration can reduce risks and costs to a greater extent. Oracle PCI compliance check tool in particular is more characterized to perform the task. It provides advance technology to check by the compliance rules. The technology is no different from SQL or other Windows database systems however there are a series of notable features of oracle PCI compliance check tool that must be discussed for compliance purpose.

Database Vault is one feature that strongly inhibits various database accesses, even those that are semi-authorized. This means that a very strict database security is practiced. Identity Management helps in audit of the data and also in carrying out the update of records of an individual. The most important feature of Oracle PCI compliance check tool that covers the compliance duty is Governance Risk and Compliance Manager that in addition to controls fulfills the compliance function for the organization.

An important note for new enterprises or those who are not fully aware of Oracle PCI compliance check tool installation and run must immediately alter their passwords and security id’s. This is an essential step in avoiding major frauds and breach of privacy of systems and let’s organization avoid major legal actions if in any situation the compliance is not fulfilled.


In order to comply with HIPAA, there is a check list issued by the authorities for health organizations. To state it more clearly, everyone who is involved with health records of individuals be it the hospitals, health advisors or other facilities, they must follow the law and have their systems upgraded to do so.


When we talk about system, the contemporary database management comes in our mind. Usually Microsoft is used worldwide because of its user friendly interface. There is not one option in Microsoft where you can manage database of mass public but use various options. On the other hand, customization has brought forth a way to integrate database management. This is one reason why Oracle HIPAA Compliance Check tool has been developed.


The checklist is made available to every service organization that connects and retains an individual’s health accounts. Oracle is thus used because it is fragmented by customization for different end users. It is similar to oracle programs that are fabricated on customized preferences for various companies. It is done so to facilitate organizations in using software molded for their requirements.


Oracle HIPAA Compliance check tool initiates the compliance process technically in various steps. There is a proper check list that every health planner, health care clearinghouse and health care providers must abide by. The check list has to be taken care of by every part of the administrative and physical accountability because it is not just about clearing the audit process. It is much more than that. In order to have the Oracle HIPAA Compliance check tool work to ensure HIPAA compliance, one must look at a few things. Some issues are mandatory to be addressed while others are taken care of only when a certain kind of compliance is requested. So when the check tool is working to cater that, one must know how to integrate their Oracle HIPAA Compliance check tool to perform the task.


Using the check tool, every individual must be given an id that separates it from others. The names are not used as a base and it is considered as one of the mandatory requirements. Since Oracle HIPAA compliance check tool is meant to carry confidential data of individuals, it also allows emergency access to trusted authorities when in need. This need base can be during criminal investigation or certain legal procedures pertaining to individual’s legal activities.

The encryption and decryption feature also enables the handler to encrypt and decrypt the individual’s data at any time of the dat. Encryption provides maximum security therefore the social security numbers are protected for the same purpose. Moreover, some oracle check tools also provide the backups for the records. It is also served as one of the important compliance step.


The compliance calls for cent percent security of the data and therefore Oracle HIPAA Compliance check tool especially performs security transmission to ensure that data is highly protected from intruders. The data is not only protected while it is stored but also while it is being transmitted from one source to another


Just as SQL has been the first choice for database management to comply with HIPAA, PCI Compliance check tool also makes use for this server. Its integrity can be explained by certain features pertaining to data integration. Since organizations that make use of a card holder’s information, they need to comply with certain rules and regulations imposed by the government.


This compliance known as PCI or PCI DSS commonly described as Payment card industry data security standard bounds such data holders to maintain and protect the records of their customers. On the other hand it also allows them to process them and make transitions when needed. Also in case of theft or other kind of fraud, the information comes handy for the authorities to regulate.


When fulfilling the PCI compliance, SQL Server PCI compliance check tool can be used. This check tool is not a single program but a series of programs that can be used to carry out the audit of card holder’s information. More commonly used SQL Server PCI compliance check tool is done through Windows or by the use of other integrated database management software.


Amongst the greatest benefits of SQL Server PCI Compliance check tool one benefit of data integration requires some explanation. For those who do not understand the actual meaning of SQL server integration in database management should know a little about triggers. Triggers are famously the notifications or buzzes that cause the system to update any record that has been made recently by the card holder. It can add, subtract or delete a certain transaction from the system records. The best thing about this feature is that the task is carried out automatically and the tables are updated without an objection. This means that any kind of change is not misinterpreted or neglected during the process. It thus helps in a clean audit of the system and ensures that PCI compliance is achieved.


It is seen sometimes that while controlling a million records of stored data, the client’s system crashes down. In such cases where the data is generally perceived to be erased is actually being held by the system without any disturbance in the records. This is another advantage of SQL Server PCI compliance check tool as it does not interfere in the compliance when data is being stored for every new transaction. Moreover, in case of crashes, the client or server computers are bound to automatic log registry. This log registry carries all the record of transaction as backup and can be retrieved in case of a more severe destruction. So once the data has been erased from the superficial registry of the computers, this log can be used in time to retrieve the data anywhere.


In saying so, SQL Server PCI compliance check tool strictly complies with PCI by performing these common tasks. The idea is to ensure that data of customers is not made available freely to the public. Unless higher authorities are involved those are unanimously permitted to review records for investigation.


Perhaps this could be the most genius security system for common public to have their personal data managed and kept out of reach from unwanted sources. If it were not for the HIPPA it could have been a little difficult to imagine such a protection of privacy. To state it simply, HIPPA is known as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It calls for health organizations to provide system generated privacy for individuals. In this case, their medical records can be protected and not shared unless permission granted by the holder.

To integrate this system, the US government has made this database work with easy accessibility of the individuals. What we hear commonly are the Windows or SQL servers that carry out this task. As we know how SQL has been adored by many programmers for its advance user interface.  This is another reason why Windows popular Access software is now being regard less favorite for advanced programmers. Though, Access is used mainly for its simpler versions of database management.

Since we are concerned here about SQL Servers we are going to give away the basic information on SQL Servers and later upon the SQL Server HIPAA compliance check tool which is important if one is reading about SQL database management.

Database management with SQL Server HIPAA compliance check tool helps governmental organizations to fulfill the requirements of the Act. In case of failures, these organizations are subjected to legal actions. Because social security numbers are meant to be secured and not used by such organizations, SQL Server HIPAA compliance check toolhelps the system identified those numbers that are not secured in the system. It helps them erase the numbers immediately thus keeping no record of the individual.

In other cases when these health organizations such as hospitals and personal health organizers are involved, the HIPAA system has to be maintained in the best technical condition. SQL Server HIPAA Compliance check tool does the job by maintaining the database and providing protection to the codes so that the data cannot be accessed by other source. On the other hand, this also helps the trusted authorities to access data anytime, anywhere when needed. These trusted authorities are those permitted by the individual to access their medical records.

This entire process is carried out by an audit of the database. The audit process checks for updates in database and sees if the new events are created in compliance with HIPAA, thus SQL Server HIPAA Compliance check tool performs not just compliance but also up to date management of data feeds.

SQL Server HIPAA Compliance check tool are also subjected to provide organized reports on individual activities pertaining to change in database.

These reports are presented with a user friendly interface. Some private services offer HIPAA audit as a part of HIPAA Compliance and they mostly make use of SQL Server HIPAA Compliance check tool because other cloud services do not offer an undisturbed flow of data. SQL is regarded as the most powerful and fast performing server for database management.


Security, an extremely important part of computer management comprises of a list of computer security software that are frequently used by various operating systems. Since here our focus is on the windows security software we are going to cover most of the computer security software in this small piece of information. To begin with, there is a need to understand the similarities in contemporary computer security software and those becoming windows security software.

This may cause confusion with the two terms. Any software that is capable of performing security tasks for a computer is called computer security software. Those that are only deigned to perform security tasks for windows are known as windows security software. Let us now discuss the various windows security software and their features.

Factors that cause intrusion of privacy usually come from an outer source. These sources can either be disks or internet activity. When a foreign content is downloaded or installed from an untrusted website or disk, the content usually contains a number of hazardous malware. In other cases spyware is welcomed from the unwanted load of web content. Since Windows is the major operating system used worldwide we will now look at a few big names in the world of computer security software.

McAfee internet security 2014 is the latest version of famous security scan for windows. Its preceding versions have been a tad bit slower however the new version is thought to have evolved into something you would not want to miss for your computer. Its salient features include firewall, virus removal, virus blocking, performance enhancement, Antispasm, privacy, parental control and backup. These features have been integrated and updated according to the latest needs of renewed windows systems. That is why Windows 7 is popularly fitting itself with this new software for security.

Other notable names to discuss for security scan include Norton Internet Security and ESET Smart security. Amongst these, some professionals regard Norton to be the most favorite. Here’s why Norton is better than Norton. The AV based protection test conducted for software testing emerged with Norton as the top most scorers. This shows that latest systems can configure their scanning to Norton’s 2013 versions and upcoming 2014 version for protection.

ESET is known to have a strong detection service where Norton lacks. Some malicious malware and spyware are often undetected by Norton. Also, Norton is slower than ESET while ESET performs the scan in the background without disturbing the on-screen activities. But the good news is that latest versions of Norton have solved these issues.

Another notable name is Avira Antivirus which is yet again one of the best windows security software. Although some would regard Norton and ESET to be better than this particular software there are still some perks to Avira that you cannot ignore. It quickly detects Trojan viruses which sometimes are difficult to detect by ESET. Also, Avira is faster with detection and removal of viruses and malware and simply runs quietly in the background and gives detailed user-friendly reports.


The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a TCP/IP protocol which transfers files between FTP servers and clients. With the use of either an IP address or a hostname, FTP can create a link to a remote computer after resolving hostnames to IP addresses.
FTP has a major drawback while performing authentication the data will transfer in plain text, this allows anyone spoofing traffic to capture the username and password mid-transaction. This is the reason why people call FTP insecure. An Alternate to FTP is SFTP and SCP which are more secure and less vulnerable ways to transfer files or copy data between different systems, and is recommend by most security experts.
Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is an interactive file transfer protocol parallel to FTP, with the strong difference of encrypting all traffic between SFTP client and the SFP server. In addition, SFTP supports additional features such as public key authentication and compression.
Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) is responsible for copying files from a remote server to the local system over a secure connection, enduring that data in transit is kept confidential. A number of SCP products use an SSH connection to ensure the security of the secure copy operation.
The FTP Brute Force Attacker offered in Secure Windows Auditor is an excellent way to verify the vulnerability of the user’s authentication credentials and identify weak usernames and passwords to login to a FTP server by performing FTP Brute Force Attacks. File Servers are repository of any organization. Attackers can use brute force applications, such as password guessing, tools and scripts in order to try all the combinations of well-known user names and passwords. Such applications help in hacking the important information of a company. By using the FTP Brute Force Attacker the user can take a precautious step and identify these weak areas in their system before they are found out and taken advantage of by others.



Press Release: Secure Bytes Releases Secure Auditor 3.0

Secure Bytes is making waves in IT security by releasing Secure Auditor 3.0 which is the most advanced and comprehensive, unified digital risk management solution. The new and improved version comes bundled with 45 essential security tools and utilities, free of cost. Secure Auditor conducts discovery on the entire network. It identifies information assets and performs enumeration on them. It extends options for auditing single or multiple machines within minutes against predefined policies like CIS, ISACA, PCI-DSS, SOX, SANS or customizable security policies.
The dynamic Report Module embedded in Secure Auditor is the most distinguished feature as it can generate more than 80 different security reports on various aspects of an organization’s digital infrastructure. Regulatory compliance (such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX) can be effortlessly assisted with the use of this software. Version 3.0 has the following enhancements:
• Improved User Friendly GUI
• Improved Speed and Efficiency
• New Security Tools
• Inclusion of the OVAL vulnerabilities database
• Introduced 64 Bit version with SQL 2008
• HIPAA and PCI-DSS focused Tools
Secure Auditor 3.0 conducts automated security assessments on Windows, Oracle and SQL Server databases and Cisco devices.
Secure Auditor’s suite 3.0 consists of four 4 modules:

Secure Oracle Auditor helps organizations in the time-consuming process of conducting security assessments and identifying vulnerabilities in Oracle Databases within minutes and suggests solutions for mitigating them.

Embedded Oracle Security Tools:
Oracle SID Tester
Oracle Default Password Tester
Oracle TNS Password Tester
Oracle Password Auditor
Oracle Access Rights Auditor
Oracle Brute Force Tester
Oracle Event Log Analyzer
Oracle PCI Compliance Check
Ora HIPAA Compliance Check
Oracle Query Browser

Secure Windows Auditor conducts in-depth audit on Windows based machine and helps organization in securing them from internal and external threats. Secure Windows Auditor identifies vulnerabilities and proposes solutions for remediation.

Embedded Windows Security Tools:
Windows Password Auditor
Windows Event Log Analyzer
Windows Asset Inventory Viewer
Windows Remote Control
FTP Brute Force Tester
MySQL Brute Force Tester
Win PCI Compliance Check
Win HIPAA Compliance Check

Secure Cisco Auditor conducts a thorough vulnerability assessment on Cisco routers & switches and identifies weak areas and security loopholes. Secure Cisco Auditor generates detailed reports which provide step by step solutions for remediation of vulnerabilities and also provides proof of where the vulnerabilities exist.

Embedded Cisco Security Tools:
Cisco Configuration Manager
Cisco Type7 Password Decryptor
Cisco MD5 Password Auditor
Cisco Firewall Password Auditor
IP Calculator
Cisco SNMP Brute Force Tester
Cisco VPN Password Auditor
Cisco Switch Port Mapper
Cisco Configuration Backup Tool

Secure SQL Auditor helps organizations by securing SQL servers by conducting comprehensive audits. Secure SQL Auditor conducts automated audits on SQL databases within minutes and provides accurate results along with solutions for mitigation. Hence Secure SQL Auditor secures SQL database from threats and malicious activity.

Embedded SQL Server Security Tools:
SQL Default Password Tester
SQL Server Password Auditor
SQL Server Access Right Auditor
SQL Server Event Log Analyzer
SQL Server Brute Force Tester
SQL Server Query Browser
SQL PCI Compliance Check
SQL HIPAA Compliance Check
Embedded General Security Tools:
Traceroute, Port Scanner, SNMP Browser, SNMP Scanner, Whois, DNS Auditor, Mac Detector, DNS Lookup, HTTP Brute Force Tester, SSH Brute Force Tester

About Secure Bytes:
Secure Bytes is a IT Security Software development Company Which offers Secure Auditor suite is the most advanced and comprehensive, unified digital risk management solution, which consists of computer security, database security, network security software, Network security tools, regulatory compliance, database auditing, vulnerability assessments.



There are several security tools available in the market for the safety of your system and data. Secure Auditor is one such security software that specializes in security assessment of your complete system.
Secure Auditor is developed to test system security, network security, SQL database security and Oracle database security to find any vulnerability and provide an audit report to the user. Secure Auditor not just performs security auditing but also assists in overcoming the weak areas in system security as well as Microsoft security.
The audit report also includes security audit, data audit, database audit and network audit. Secure Auditor performs penetration testing to check system authorization of username password and security essentials within it assists in regulatory compliance to resolve problems and implement best practices.
This security assessment enables the organization to protect its information in the most secure manner possible without the need of extensive IT budget. Secure Auditor was developed to make it easier for organizations to secure their database, network and system in a simple and efficient manner. It has a user friendly interface and single console to all security features, making it easy to use and adapt in little time.
‘Secure Auditor’ is the flagship security software of ‘Secure Bytes’, a US based company that is known for its products and services for digital risk management and provides solutions as well as training for information security problems. ‘Secure Bytes’ is certified partner of Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky which are giants in their area of expertise.


Data security is vital for business survival. Rapidly changing technology, increase in safety demands and ever present security risk makes it necessary to identify weaknesses in your system and overcome them. Secure Auditor is a reliable security auditing tool that can perform security assessment of your system and assist to overcome any vulnerability.
Secure Auditor has enough capacity to perform work of several independent security software. Instead of deploying multiple security tools for computer security, database security, network security, system auditing, SQL auditing, regulatory compliance, security assessment, security auditing and database auditing, Secure Auditor alone can perform all these functions. This saves the lions share of the IT budget that can be used for other projects by the company.
Secure Auditor performs several actions to test system security such as penetration testing, checking Microsoft security settings and username password settings to name a few and generates audit reports indicating any vulnerability that can be exploited. Security essentials within Secure Auditor assist in taking necessary actions to cover the weak areas and completely secure system, database, network and Microsoft operating system.
With a simple interface and one window access to all functions, Secure Auditor is easy to adapt and implement with little or no training required. The overall display is self-explanatory and users can easily perform an action with a simple mouse click. This easy design is in compliance with Secure Bytes Business Philosophy of providing single console from where organization can cater to their security concerns and resolve information security issues.
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Information security is one of the most important considerations in modern businesses. Weaknesses in network security, computer security and database security are a huge risk and can easily lead to disaster. It is important to find such weaknesses and close the loophole before the safety and security of vital data is compromised.
Secure Bytes, a Chicago based company, provides ideal solutions to those who are looking for software and services to enhance information security. Secure Bytes perform security auditing through its products and services, maintaining quality of the highest caliber to solve information security concerns of its clients. Secure Bytes’ mission is to provide a security blueprint and highlight areas where security can be compromised and quickly fix the problem.
The business philosophy is to provide a single console from where the organization can find security issues and resolve them right away. Company’s orientation is result oriented rather than task based with focus on cost minimization and improved productivity, attained through preservation of human assets and development of comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Secure Auditor is the security auditing software from Secure Bytes that is capable of finding loopholes in network security, computer security and database security and provide necessary guidance in resolving them. It has several security tools that are able to perform comprehensive examination of the whole security structure and find any weaknesses that might compromise information security. This security software covers different areas of security through four distinguished modules. Secure Oracle Auditor, Secure Windows Auditor, Secure Cisco Auditor and Secure SQL Auditor. Each module is designed to fully and comprehensively search for weaknesses in its focused area and provides help in resolving them. Secure Auditor has a single console from where the organization can audit and find any problem and attempt to fix it. It’s easy-to-use design and user-friendly features allow for easy adaptation and little effort in training is required.