Solution to Oracle Error ORA-28009: connection as SYS should be as SYSDBA or SYSOPER

When you connect to the Oracle Database using SYS as SYSDBA or SYSOPER and this Error occurs “ORA-28009: connection as SYS should be as SYSDBA or SYSOPER”. This Issue comes up when the Oracle configuration value of O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY set to FALSE. Basically this parameter protect SYS schema. Access to dictionary objects is restricted to the users with the SYS privileges SYSDBA and SYSOPER. Connecting as SYSDBA gives a user unrestricted privileges to perform any operation on a database or the objects within a database.
Data dictionary objects is under SYS schema and is protected by O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY to FALSE settings. To conform that, this is the Issue you are facing you can check it by connecting to the Oracle Database using SQL Plus.
First connect to the Oracle Database as sys user with sysdba privilege.
SQL> connect sys/sys as sysdba
Connected to:
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options
Notes: now check the O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY parameter by
———————————— ———– ——————————
System altered.
Then reboot the server and then check the O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY parameter again.
SQL*Plus: Release Production on Sat Jan 23 21:35:36 2016
Copyright (c) 1982, 2010, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Enter user-name: sys as sysdba
Enter password:
Connected to:
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options

———————————— ———– ——————————
This will resolve the Issue.
Another way or work around is that you can create a new account for Audit and give it SYSDBA privilege in Oracle.
Create account with sysdba privilege in oracle
SQL> connect /as sysdba
SQL> create user “Audit” identified by “Au7!#”;
SQL>grant dba to Audit
SQL>conn Audit as SYSDBA
Enter password: Au7!#;

Why network auditing is essential for your firm?

Networks are an essential part of any organization. The entire process of an organization runs smoothly through this way. Networks are of multiple types and may vary from one business to another. Whether it is a large network or a small one, network auditing is essential for every organization.

At times, the users of the network need to add some software or hardware in the network. This action can cause certain errors, especially if it is done without the permission of the network administrators. In order to get rid of these repercussions, the network administrator needs to do network auditing. The process of a network audit can take a lot of time if done manually. However, network security auditing software is usually used to make the process convenient. In addition to this, the administrator requires complete details regarding the network. He will need to know about the user accounts, access to those accounts, number of groups within the network, who can access these groups, software and hardware details of the network, policies related to the network and so on.

The question that arises is that why there is a need of a network audit. The reason behind it is the surety of smooth workflow in the organization. Since there is immense competition in the business, firms cannot afford any fluctuation in their process of working. History predicts that some well-known firms faced severe losses due to problems in their network system. Competitors can avail this opportunity and launch their new product or service in the meanwhile. Thus, it is imperative for a firm to keep their system up to date. Well-established firms do the network audit after short intervals. The auditor manages the process by looking at one feature at a time. For instance, he might look into software at first, then the connection of the software and then move towards hardware. Once he has gone through the entire process, a report is made that highlights the main points of the audit. These reports are then compiled at the end of the month and they are very useful for the future. Auditor also gives some recommendations to the company and makes changes after approval from the management. These changes are helpful in securing the network from unauthorized access makes the network more reliable to use. Thus, for keeping the network safe from potential threats and theft, it is essential to do a network audit every week.

Since it is the age of high technology and automation, firms should be careful in setting up their networks. Technology is not only providing the ease to organizations but hackers are also finding new ways of theft. Thus, no matter what level of business you are doing, a proper audit of the network is imperative. This will give you a peace of mind and the flexibility to share information with the users. If you want to stand firm in the business industry, set up a reliable network and keep a check on it through audits.

Some Of The Best It Security Software

To one’s surprise there are not many trusted sources for IT Security software. This article aims to provide a good explanation of littleIT security software for everyone. Even those with a little idea of this software will get to refresh their knowledge and those who are beginners will benefit a lot. In further reading, one can identify which is the right choice or their database management. We are focusing here on security and compliance basis but a little review of only security based software can also find its benefits.

These days, particularly talking about Windows users, the new Windows 7 suite is on the run. It is identified to be the most favorite version for operating system currently. Although Windows 8 did not successfully cover a larger part of its share, the windows security software has helped the users to a great extent.

Speaking in terms of thick technological language, the Windows 7 security administrator can easily be understood with its online manual. It is simpler yet faster and more advanced than the previous versions of security software. UAC feature which is also known as User Account Control lets the user perform admin tasks. This is important when the computer is publicly used and people have maintained their own UCA’s. To perform admin tasks for security purposes allows the system debugging.

Other IT security software includes those that perform encryption tasks for database. These are very important to fulfill the regulations of government in cases such as HIPAA and PCI. Some of the frequently used IT security software includesCloudfogger, BoxCryptor and Secured Cloud Drive. Password protected executable include WinGuard and Empathy. Encryption with virtual devices includesSafehouse Explorer and VeraCrypt. Other names can be viewed in consultation for IT security software selection.

The backup in IT Security software is as important as debugging. There is no need of security software if it cannot perform the tasks for backup. A backup restores files when the system undergoes crash and retrieves important data. Some of the security software that perform backup include Bacula, Amanda, Ducati and ToolWiz remote backup. This software performs the network security backups. Synchronization tools include PureSync, SyncBackFree, FreefileSync and SyncToy. Popular online backups include SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, CloudMe, AVG LiveKive and Cloudsafe.

IT security software for network traffic monitoring includesActivePorts, TCP View, AxenceNetTools, Real Network Monitor, NetTool Set and ProcNet Monitor. Network traffic analyzers include Wireshark, NetworkMiner, Nmap, IP Tools, Advanced IP Scanner, Smartsniff and Microsoft network Monitor.

Vulnerability scanning is equally important as backup, cleaning and repair. It helps to identify the area of improvements in a system. Some of the renowned vulnerability scan IT security software include Metasploit Framework, Mantra, OWASP ZEP, BackTrack, BackBox, Parrot Security OS, Watobo, Wikto, Exploit-Me, Websecurify, HackBar and Arudius. Note that the software mentioned in this article is compatible with Windows only. A few may be subjected to exception. Other system security analyzers include NeXpose Community Edition, Nessus, Protector Plus and Belarc Advisor.

Benefits Of Using Oracle Security Software

For client server security relationship, oracle has been considered the best. This is because of customization. One can have this fast running oracle security software fabricated according to the needs of the organization. Also because oracle provides a faster maintenance to security and compliance issue, it is always found in tussle between other database servers like Microsoft’s.

There are many other advantages to the usage of oracle. It is updated and because of its latest versions the earlier versions are quickly adaptable to the up-gradation. This particular feature is found in most software but this is what makes oracle security software compatible in backward fashion. Since we are discussing here the security and compliance features of oracle and see how it can better improvise these tasks from other databases, we will discuss first the security issues and the compliance obligations.

The major issue faced by every organization is that of database management. It is very important for some organizations to keep their customers data safe. We are talking about the social security numbers and other personal information that some organization store for access. If this information is leaked somehow because of the vulnerability of the system, the company faces legal action. Now, the company itself has a reputation to maintain. This can only be safeguard if the security systems are fool-proof. That is, the confidential systematic databases are meant to be protected in a vault. Only a few must know the code to the lock.

Securing company’s database form intruder can only be done efficiently through oracle security software. Also, if the business requires security of customer data as an important obligation, oracle security software is just the right choice. The legal obligations comprise of compliance to HIPAA and PCI. HIPAA compliance is mandatory for organizations which maintain health records of their clients. This information is not meant to be accessed by anyone unless in case of death, murder or other unfortunate situations. On the other hand PCI obliges the company to keep safe record of their credit card transactions. This information yet again must be kept safe by all means unless there is an order from higher authorities for investigation.

So when these are the important tasks to handle, one cannot simply ignore the benefits of oracle security software. For database management it is important that one must acquire service for a faster running server program. Other databases consume loop conditions and arrays which slow down the process of database management. With oracle security software the database quickly avoids these three facilities which make it efficiently running.

Oracle security software provides various functions for database security. It ranges from audit vault and database firewall to advanced security, database vault, label security and data masking. The first feature performs the audit of database traffic to comply with the HIPAA and PCI or any other compliance. Other features are simply separate packages that come with the main oracle security software. For PCI compliance in particular, the database vault helps in quick encryption of a person’s highly sensitive data to safeguard his boundaries. In this way as soon as the source leaves the system, the credit card information and social security numbers are encrypted and are protected inside a vault that does not allow intrusion.

SQL Security Software; A Review

There are several advantages of outsourcing a server for your organization. This is because a great enterprise needs management and that too not of the silly nature. If a server can perform all the work of network security and maintenance, the job is half done. But when it gets to a bit tricky to understand how a big server is going to be managed, we think of a few big names; Windows, SQL and Oracle. These big names have an identity of their own but today we are going to focus on SQL security software for small and large businesses.

One of the biggest reasons for acquiring SQL is because it provides even a bigger margin than Windows for database management. Not that the latter has flaws in performance, but the former is more advanced and once you have chosen Access for your database management, you can simply upgrade to SQL servers.

SQL security software is bound to perform three major tasks. These include the diagnosis, backup and tracking elements. We will carefully ponder over each benefit as we move on to the core of our subject but first, we need to understand why SQL security software is the best choice amongst the rest. Most clients using Access have to put in the data in database manually. In such a case if by any means, the system goes into crashing, the backup end also suffers and it is most likely that the database is harmed and entry is not published. This happens because Access uses a file server approach. This means that the client is not directly involved in it, but the program itself performs the function to which it is designated. This can be dangerous if you have a millions of data stored in your database.

On the other hand, SQL security software approach focuses on the client server relationship. And not just any relationship we say, it is the technical relationship that needs to be strong.Its data manager automatically updates the entries within seconds. This database is protected in server computers and can be made available within a matter of seconds if the client computer crashes. Thus, no harm is made to the system.

With Oracle, we can quickly shed some light over a few facts. Although some of the professionals wouldn’t agree with the idea of Oracle being anything less than SQL but there is something everybody should know. SQL provides a database up to 19.5 tetra bytes which is considered the largest storage space for any database. Oracle database has shown various vulnerabilities with their database which were officially reported back in 2000 and 2005. SQL has only encountered 59 vulnerabilities in its system.

Coming back to SQL security software and keeping our focus on the security and compliance, here’s how the server works. For security purposes it quickly identifies vulnerability in the system. It continues with a thorough check of the errors and possibilities of crashing. A security policy is updated and is capable of updating manually by the choice of client. This helps in consistent audit of the company’s technological system. Finally, with compliance obligations it monitors audits and alerts in case of compliance and non-compliance with issues such as HIPAA and PCI.

Database Security Software

Database security is defined as set of activities aimed at protecting databases from intrusion that refers to authenticated misuse, malicious attacks or inadvertent mistakes made by authorized individuals or processes. Database security becomes more important as networks are more vulnerable to attacks due to increased number of vulnerabilities, which could be exploited to attain access on databases. Increased emphasis on regulatory compliance and customer data security laid great importance on database security issues.

To secure our database from vulnerabilities, malicious errors and for the integrity of our data we should use Database Security Software to overcome these problems.

Security risks in database

  • Misuse of data by authorized or unauthorized users, database managers or network managers and hackers.
  • Inappropriate access to sensitive data or inappropriate changes to sensitive data.
  • Leakage of sensitive data.
  • Design flaws and programming bugs in the database and the programs associated with it.
  • By entering false data for the criminals etc

Advantages of Using Database Security Software

Various high profile hacking attacks has proven that that database security remains the most critical issue to any business that conducts its operations online. Data are one of the most targeted public faces of an organization, because of the sensitive data in the database. Securing a database server is as important as securing the website or web application itself and the network around it.

The most important advantages of using database security software are:

  • It will help to secure the data from that database from malfunctions.
  • It can easily be installed on redundant servers for the backup and data recovery.
  • It will help from preventing the hackers and unauthorized users for the accessibility to data.
  • It will secure the programming so no-one except the authorized person can change it.
  • It will help the administrator of database to know all of the errors in database if there are one.
  • The errors can be easily removed if the security software is integrated with all the necessary things in it.
  • Security software helps you in monitoring the overall data.
  • It enforces database firewall policies for control to access sensitive information.
  • Separation of duties can also be maintained by the software.
  • All features can be controlled using one easy-to-use management interface, so scales according to business needs. With a wealth of available installation options, security software can be configured as a dedicated solution protecting a single database, or to monitor and protect multiple databases simultaneously.
  • It can also accelerate and enhance the performance of database . Cache mechanism goes far beyond its original goal of compensating for database latency.
  • Many modernize database security software comes with the protection of even the unpatched database against zero day attacks by blocking attacks that exploits the vulnerabilities and terminates session that violate security policies.
  • Updating of these software’s helps in reporting and giving summary information of thousands of databases into a single dashboard.
  • They are easy to install and easy to implement to the database system to help us preventing the misuse of the data.

EBay client information stolen in hacking attack

E-commerce company eBay Inc said client identity information including emails, addresses and birthdays was stolen in a hacking attack between late February and early March.

EBay urged users to change their passwords after the attack on a database that also contained encrypted passwords, physical addresses and phone numbers.

The company said it found no evidence of any unauthorized access to financial or credit card information, which is stored separately in encrypted formats.

EBay shares fell as much as 3.2 percent on Wednesday morning after the latest high-profile hacking attack on a U.S. company.

“For the time being, we cannot comment on the specific number of accounts impacted,” eBay spokeswoman Kari Ramirez said. “However, we believe there may be a large number of accounts involved and we are asking all eBay users to change their passwords.”

EBay said it was investigating the breach and working with law enforcement agencies.

The company also said it had not seen any indication of increased fraudulent account activity on eBay and that there was no evidence that its online payment service PayPal had been affected in the attack.

The attack on eBay was made through compromised employee accounts that allowed unauthorized access to its corporate network, the company said in a statement. It said the breach was first detected about two weeks ago.

“The real key question going forward will be if any money has been stolen, or any unauthorized activity been performed,” Wedbush Securities analyst Gil Luria said.

“As long as this is not the case, this thing will come and go and will not be an issue for eBay,” Luria said.

EBay earlier issued a notice on its PayPal website asking users to change their passwords, but took down the message a short time later without explanation.

The message, issued at 1:30 a.m. ET (0630 GMT), was headlined “eBay Inc. To Ask All eBay Users To Change Passwords” but had no other information other than the words “place holder text”.

EBay has been attacked before. In February, hacking group Syrian Electronic Army breached and defaced websites belonging to PayPal UK and eBay.

One of the biggest breaches at a U.S. company was at retailer Target Corp, where hackers stole data from up to 40 million credit and debit cards of shoppers who visited its stores during the first three weeks of the holiday shopping season.

Last month, U.S. web media company AOL Inc urged its tens of millions of email account holders to change their passwords and security questions after a cyber attack compromised about 2 percent of its accounts.

EBay shares fell as low as $50.30 in morning trade on the Nasdaq before recovering to $51.68.
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Why FTP Is Insecure?

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a TCP/IP protocol which transfers files between FTP servers and clients. With the use of either an IP address or a hostname, FTP can create a link to a remote computer after resolving hostnames to IP addresses.
FTP has a major drawback while performing authentication the data will transfer in plain text, this allows anyone spoofing traffic to capture the username and password mid-transaction. This is the reason why people call FTP insecure. An Alternate to FTP is SFTP and SCP which are more secure and less vulnerable ways to transfer files or copy data between different systems, and is recommend by most security experts.
Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is an interactive file transfer protocol parallel to FTP, with the strong difference of encrypting all traffic between SFTP client and the SFP server. In addition, SFTP supports additional features such as public key authentication and compression.
Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) is responsible for copying files from a remote server to the local system over a secure connection, enduring that data in transit is kept confidential. A number of SCP products use an SSH connection to ensure the security of the secure copy operation.
The FTP Brute Force Attacker offered in Secure Windows Auditor is an excellent way to verify the vulnerability of the user’s authentication credentials and identify weak usernames and passwords to login to a FTP server by performing FTP Brute Force Attacks. File Servers are repository of any organization. Attackers can use brute force applications, such as password guessing, tools and scripts in order to try all the combinations of well-known user names and passwords. Such applications help in hacking the important information of a company. By using the FTP Brute Force Attacker the user can take a precautious step and identify these weak areas in their system before they are found out and taken advantage of by others.

Secure Bytes Releases Secure Auditor 3.0

Press Release: Secure Bytes Releases Secure Auditor 3.0

Secure Bytes is making waves in IT security by releasing Secure Auditor 3.0 which is the most advanced and comprehensive, unified digital risk management solution. The new and improved version comes bundled with 45 essential security tools and utilities, free of cost. Secure Auditor conducts discovery on the entire network. It identifies information assets and performs enumeration on them. It extends options for auditing single or multiple machines within minutes against predefined policies like CIS, ISACA, PCI-DSS, SOX, SANS or customizable security policies.
The dynamic Report Module embedded in Secure Auditor is the most distinguished feature as it can generate more than 80 different security reports on various aspects of an organization’s digital infrastructure. Regulatory compliance (such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX) can be effortlessly assisted with the use of this software. Version 3.0 has the following enhancements:
• Improved User Friendly GUI
• Improved Speed and Efficiency
• New Security Tools
• Inclusion of the OVAL vulnerabilities database
• Introduced 64 Bit version with SQL 2008
• HIPAA and PCI-DSS focused Tools
Secure Auditor 3.0 conducts automated security assessments on Windows, Oracle and SQL Server databases and Cisco devices.
Secure Auditor’s suite 3.0 consists of four 4 modules:

Secure Oracle Auditor helps organizations in the time-consuming process of conducting security assessments and identifying vulnerabilities in Oracle Databases within minutes and suggests solutions for mitigating them.

Embedded Oracle Security Tools:
Oracle SID Tester
Oracle Default Password Tester
Oracle TNS Password Tester
Oracle Password Auditor
Oracle Access Rights Auditor
Oracle Brute Force Tester
Oracle Event Log Analyzer
Oracle PCI Compliance Check
Ora HIPAA Compliance Check
Oracle Query Browser

Secure Windows Auditor conducts in-depth audit on Windows based machine and helps organization in securing them from internal and external threats. Secure Windows Auditor identifies vulnerabilities and proposes solutions for remediation.

Embedded Windows Security Tools:
Windows Password Auditor
Windows Event Log Analyzer
Windows Asset Inventory Viewer
Windows Remote Control
FTP Brute Force Tester
MySQL Brute Force Tester
Win PCI Compliance Check
Win HIPAA Compliance Check

Secure Cisco Auditor conducts a thorough vulnerability assessment on Cisco routers & switches and identifies weak areas and security loopholes. Secure Cisco Auditor generates detailed reports which provide step by step solutions for remediation of vulnerabilities and also provides proof of where the vulnerabilities exist.

Embedded Cisco Security Tools:
Cisco Configuration Manager
Cisco Type7 Password Decryptor
Cisco MD5 Password Auditor
Cisco Firewall Password Auditor
IP Calculator
Cisco SNMP Brute Force Tester
Cisco VPN Password Auditor
Cisco Switch Port Mapper
Cisco Configuration Backup Tool

Secure SQL Auditor helps organizations by securing SQL servers by conducting comprehensive audits. Secure SQL Auditor conducts automated audits on SQL databases within minutes and provides accurate results along with solutions for mitigation. Hence Secure SQL Auditor secures SQL database from threats and malicious activity.

Embedded SQL Server Security Tools:
SQL Default Password Tester
SQL Server Password Auditor
SQL Server Access Right Auditor
SQL Server Event Log Analyzer
SQL Server Brute Force Tester
SQL Server Query Browser
SQL PCI Compliance Check
SQL HIPAA Compliance Check
Embedded General Security Tools:
Traceroute, Port Scanner, SNMP Browser, SNMP Scanner, Whois, DNS Auditor, Mac Detector, DNS Lookup, HTTP Brute Force Tester, SSH Brute Force Tester

About Secure Bytes:
Secure Bytes is a IT Security Software development Company Which offers Secure Auditor suite is the most advanced and comprehensive, unified digital risk management solution, which consists of computer security, database security, network security software, Network security tools, regulatory compliance, database auditing, vulnerability assessments.

Security Assessment tools & utilities leading the way!

There are several security tools available in the market for the safety of your system and data. Secure Auditor is one such security software that specializes in security assessment of your complete system.
Secure Auditor is developed to test system security, network security, SQL database security and Oracle database security to find any vulnerability and provide an audit report to the user. Secure Auditor not just performs security auditing but also assists in overcoming the weak areas in system security as well as Microsoft security.
The audit report also includes security audit, data audit, database audit and network audit. Secure Auditor performs penetration testing to check system authorization of username password and security essentials within it assists in regulatory compliance to resolve problems and implement best practices.
This security assessment enables the organization to protect its information in the most secure manner possible without the need of extensive IT budget. Secure Auditor was developed to make it easier for organizations to secure their database, network and system in a simple and efficient manner. It has a user friendly interface and single console to all security features, making it easy to use and adapt in little time.
‘Secure Auditor’ is the flagship security software of ‘Secure Bytes’, a US based company that is known for its products and services for digital risk management and provides solutions as well as training for information security problems. ‘Secure Bytes’ is certified partner of Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky which are giants in their area of expertise.