Information Security Vitality

Information security is one of the most important considerations in modern businesses. Weaknesses in network security, computer security and database security are a huge risk and can easily lead to disaster. It is important to find such weaknesses and close the loophole before the safety and security of vital data is compromised.
Secure Bytes, a Chicago based company, provides ideal solutions to those who are looking for software and services to enhance information security. Secure Bytes perform security auditing through its products and services, maintaining quality of the highest caliber to solve information security concerns of its clients. Secure Bytes’ mission is to provide a security blueprint and highlight areas where security can be compromised and quickly fix the problem.
The business philosophy is to provide a single console from where the organization can find security issues and resolve them right away. Company’s orientation is result oriented rather than task based with focus on cost minimization and improved productivity, attained through preservation of human assets and development of comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Secure Auditor is the security auditing software from Secure Bytes that is capable of finding loopholes in network security, computer security and database security and provide necessary guidance in resolving them. It has several security tools that are able to perform comprehensive examination of the whole security structure and find any weaknesses that might compromise information security. This security software covers different areas of security through four distinguished modules. Secure Oracle Auditor, Secure Windows Auditor, Secure Cisco Auditor and Secure SQL Auditor. Each module is designed to fully and comprehensively search for weaknesses in its focused area and provides help in resolving them. Secure Auditor has a single console from where the organization can audit and find any problem and attempt to fix it. It’s easy-to-use design and user-friendly features allow for easy adaptation and little effort in training is required.

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