Secure Bytes Releases Secure Auditor 3.0

Press Release: Secure Bytes Releases Secure Auditor 3.0

Secure Bytes is making waves in IT security by releasing Secure Auditor 3.0 which is the most advanced and comprehensive, unified digital risk management solution. The new and improved version comes bundled with 45 essential security tools and utilities, free of cost. Secure Auditor conducts discovery on the entire network. It identifies information assets and performs enumeration on them. It extends options for auditing single or multiple machines within minutes against predefined policies like CIS, ISACA, PCI-DSS, SOX, SANS or customizable security policies.
The dynamic Report Module embedded in Secure Auditor is the most distinguished feature as it can generate more than 80 different security reports on various aspects of an organization’s digital infrastructure. Regulatory compliance (such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX) can be effortlessly assisted with the use of this software. Version 3.0 has the following enhancements:
• Improved User Friendly GUI
• Improved Speed and Efficiency
• New Security Tools
• Inclusion of the OVAL vulnerabilities database
• Introduced 64 Bit version with SQL 2008
• HIPAA and PCI-DSS focused Tools
Secure Auditor 3.0 conducts automated security assessments on Windows, Oracle and SQL Server databases and Cisco devices.
Secure Auditor’s suite 3.0 consists of four 4 modules:

Secure Oracle Auditor helps organizations in the time-consuming process of conducting security assessments and identifying vulnerabilities in Oracle Databases within minutes and suggests solutions for mitigating them.

Embedded Oracle Security Tools:
Oracle SID Tester
Oracle Default Password Tester
Oracle TNS Password Tester
Oracle Password Auditor
Oracle Access Rights Auditor
Oracle Brute Force Tester
Oracle Event Log Analyzer
Oracle PCI Compliance Check
Ora HIPAA Compliance Check
Oracle Query Browser

Secure Windows Auditor conducts in-depth audit on Windows based machine and helps organization in securing them from internal and external threats. Secure Windows Auditor identifies vulnerabilities and proposes solutions for remediation.

Embedded Windows Security Tools:
Windows Password Auditor
Windows Event Log Analyzer
Windows Asset Inventory Viewer
Windows Remote Control
FTP Brute Force Tester
MySQL Brute Force Tester
Win PCI Compliance Check
Win HIPAA Compliance Check

Secure Cisco Auditor conducts a thorough vulnerability assessment on Cisco routers & switches and identifies weak areas and security loopholes. Secure Cisco Auditor generates detailed reports which provide step by step solutions for remediation of vulnerabilities and also provides proof of where the vulnerabilities exist.

Embedded Cisco Security Tools:
Cisco Configuration Manager
Cisco Type7 Password Decryptor
Cisco MD5 Password Auditor
Cisco Firewall Password Auditor
IP Calculator
Cisco SNMP Brute Force Tester
Cisco VPN Password Auditor
Cisco Switch Port Mapper
Cisco Configuration Backup Tool

Secure SQL Auditor helps organizations by securing SQL servers by conducting comprehensive audits. Secure SQL Auditor conducts automated audits on SQL databases within minutes and provides accurate results along with solutions for mitigation. Hence Secure SQL Auditor secures SQL database from threats and malicious activity.

Embedded SQL Server Security Tools:
SQL Default Password Tester
SQL Server Password Auditor
SQL Server Access Right Auditor
SQL Server Event Log Analyzer
SQL Server Brute Force Tester
SQL Server Query Browser
SQL PCI Compliance Check
SQL HIPAA Compliance Check
Embedded General Security Tools:
Traceroute, Port Scanner, SNMP Browser, SNMP Scanner, Whois, DNS Auditor, Mac Detector, DNS Lookup, HTTP Brute Force Tester, SSH Brute Force Tester

About Secure Bytes:
Secure Bytes is a IT Security Software development Company Which offers Secure Auditor suite is the most advanced and comprehensive, unified digital risk management solution, which consists of computer security, database security, network security software, Network security tools, regulatory compliance, database auditing, vulnerability assessments.

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