Security Assessment tools & utilities leading the way!

There are several security tools available in the market for the safety of your system and data. Secure Auditor is one such security software that specializes in security assessment of your complete system.
Secure Auditor is developed to test system security, network security, SQL database security and Oracle database security to find any vulnerability and provide an audit report to the user. Secure Auditor not just performs security auditing but also assists in overcoming the weak areas in system security as well as Microsoft security.
The audit report also includes security audit, data audit, database audit and network audit. Secure Auditor performs penetration testing to check system authorization of username password and security essentials within it assists in regulatory compliance to resolve problems and implement best practices.
This security assessment enables the organization to protect its information in the most secure manner possible without the need of extensive IT budget. Secure Auditor was developed to make it easier for organizations to secure their database, network and system in a simple and efficient manner. It has a user friendly interface and single console to all security features, making it easy to use and adapt in little time.
‘Secure Auditor’ is the flagship security software of ‘Secure Bytes’, a US based company that is known for its products and services for digital risk management and provides solutions as well as training for information security problems. ‘Secure Bytes’ is certified partner of Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky which are giants in their area of expertise.

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