Synonymous with Information Security

Secure Bytes was formed in 2004 in Chicago, IL with a vision to become synonymous with information security and a generic name for security automated tools. Secure Bytes specializes in Digital Risk Management Solutions that include automated auditing tool Secure Auditor and services like Security Auditing services, Network designing Services, Vulnerability Assessments Services, System Hardening Services, Penetration Testing services, Policy Services and Technical Training Services.
Their flagship product, Secure Auditor, is security software that finds weaknesses in network security, computer security and database security and assists in fixing the problem quickly. The software has a single console to handle all operations and four modules that cover different areas of security. Secure Oracle Auditor provides Oracle database security; Secure Windows Auditor concerns itself with computer security; Secure Cisco Auditor deals with network security and Secure SQL Auditor takes care of your SQL server. Each module has a good collection of security tools and is designed with utmost care, professionalism and vision to keep your data and information safe and secure.
Secure Bytes has a business philosophy, expressed clearly through Secure Auditor, of providing a single console from where organizations can cater to their security concerns and resolve Information Security issues proactively. The orientation is result based rather than task based with focus on cost minimization and improved productivity which is attained through preservation of human assets and comprehensive and innovative solutions. With the help of good partners, organizations and maintaining minimum overheads, Secure Bytes provide high-quality, cost efficient consulting and security solutions to the corporate marketplace. Secure Bytes identifies security risks, prioritizes them according to their severity and suggests methods of mitigation.

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