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Secure Bytes is committed to delivering deep value to database and network security management by addressing database and network protection issues through simple and affordable solutions. It identifies database and network security risks with the help of 40+ embedded database security tools and network security tools. Database and network security risks can be minimized with the help of Secure Auditor™ software that ensures greater database and network safety, reliability and connectivity, it enhances the ease of information sharing with external customers and partners. It is a complete database and network security tools package that includes a wide range of utilities for password auditing, software inventory, hardware inventory, snmp, event log, log viewer, access rights auditor, port scanner, query analyzer and more.

  • Secure Auditor™ database utilities and network utilities facilitate Auditing, Vulnerability Assessment, Regulatory Compliance, Password Cracking, Access Control, Configuration Management, Forensics, Enumeration, Asset Identification and Inventory Management.
  • Secure Auditor™ installs in seconds and assists users to be produce reports in minutes.

  • Secure Auditor™ innovative database and network security solutions are designed to help companies mitigate their network and database auditing threats by eliminating vulnerabilities.  

  • A number of additional database and network auditing tools help to monitor the health of IT systems proactively.

  • Secure Auditor checks for all potential security holes in the database and network and informs the user of these potential protection problems.

Secure Auditor software also facilitates compliance defined by regulatory compliance framework and standards like Sarbanes-Oxley SOX (USA), HIPAA (USA), GLBA (USA), FISMA (USA), Data Protection (EU, UK, Canada), J-SOX (Japan), LSF (France), PCI DSS, security frameworks such as ISO 27001, and COBIT or NIST.

Secure Auditor™ Security Tools and Utilities are as follows:

  Windows Security Tools
  1. Windows Event Log AnalyzerWindows Event Log Analyzer

  2. Windows Asset Inventory ViewerWindows Asset Inventory Viewer

  3. Windows Remote ControlWindows Remote Control

  4. FTP Brute Force TesterFTP Brute Force Tester

  5. MySQL Brute Force Tester MySQL Brute Force Tester

  6. Windows PCI Compliance CheckWindows PCI Compliance Check

  7. Windows HIPAA Compliance Check Windows HIPAA Compliance Check
  Oracle Security Tools
  1. Oracle SID TesterOracle SID Tester

  2. Oracle Default Password Tester Oracle Default Password Tester

  3. Oracle TNS Password Tester Oracle TNS Password Tester

  4. Oracle Password AuditorOracle Password Auditor

  5. Oracle Access Rights AuditorOracle Access Rights Auditor

  6. Oracle Brute Force TesterOracle Brute Force Tester

  7. Oracle Event Log AnalyzerOracle Event Log Analyzer

  8. Oracle PCI Compliance CheckOracle PCI Compliance Check

  9. Oracle HIPAA Compliance CheckOracle HIPAA Compliance Check title="Oracle HIPAA Compliance Check">

  10. Oracle Query BrowserOracle Query Browser
  SQL Server Security Tools
  1. SQL Server Default Password Tester SQL Server Default Password Tester

  2. SQL Server Password Auditor SQL Server Password Auditor

  3. SQL Server Access Right Auditor SQL Server Access Right Auditor

  4. SQL Server Event Log Analyzer SQL Server Event Log Analyzer

  5. SQL Server Brute Force Tester SQL Server Brute Force Tester

  6. SQL Server Query Browser SQL Server Query Browser

  7. SQL PCI Compliance Check SQL Server PCI Compliance Check

  8. SQL HIPAA Compliance Check SQL Server HIPAA Compliance Check
  Cisco Security Tools
  1. Cisco Configuration ManagerCisco Configuration Manager

  2. Cisco Type7 Password DecryptorCisco Type7 Password Decryptor

  3. Cisco MD5 Password AuditorCisco MD5 Password Auditor

  4. Cisco Firewall Password AuditorCisco Firewall Password Auditor

  5. IP CalculatorIP Calculator

  6. Cisco SNMP Brute Force TesterCisco SNMP Brute Force Tester

  7. Cisco VPN Password AuditorCisco VPN Password Auditor

  8. Cisco Switch Port MapperCisco Switch Port Mapper

  9. Cisco Switch Port MapperCisco Configuration Backup Tool
  General Security Tools
  1. TracerouteTraceroute

  2. Port ScannerPort Scanner

  3. SNMP BrowserSNMP Browser

  4. SNMP ScannerSNMP Scanner

  5. WhoisWhois

  6. DNS AuditorDNS Auditor

  7. MAC DetectorMac Detector

  8. DNS LookupDNS Lookup

  9. HTTP Brute Force Tester HTTP Brute Force Tester

  10. SSH Brute Force Tester SSH Brute Force Tester

40- embedded database security tools and network security tools.

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